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Sparing a friend's journal my comments

Well, I'm sorry if I seem to be whining, but frankly I don't like the new site much, and while it may be 'just a website and a forum' it's also a place where I have made and maintained friendships, and Bookcrossing is a significant part of my social life.  So if it's getting fucked up by a site that's full of bugs just for the sake of adding bells and whistles that I never wanted in the first place then damn it, I'm going to throw a tantrum.

bitch by shadie

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"One thing we never are is bland.  That doesn’t mean we can’t adapt to different house styles.  We can – all the more easily because we cooperation is our habit.  Working together has forced us to "grow up" as writers, eliminating any chance of us being "precious" about our words. By the time a piece gets to an editor, it has already been run through several rounds of questioning, trimming and polishing. "

One typo and one grammatical error in one paragraph, and some unnecessary quote marks.  What an excellent advertisement for your writing skills.

"Words love me."

Well, good for them. I hope you treat them more kindly.
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bitch by shadie

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You really think you're something, don't you? Well, let me tell you, you're not anywhere near as wonderful as you think you are. And every time I see one of your smug little comments I want to say something to take you down a peg or two. It's a shame there are too many innocents who'd get caught in the crossfire.

(Edited to add that this isn't aimed at anyone who is remotely likely to read this - I just felt like venting.)

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Because I am a civilised person, I will not rip out your throat.

But you are a sexist, patronising, repulsive golem.

And no, before you ask, I am not 'shooting the poodle' - which has to be one of the most idiotic euphemisms for menstruation I've ever heard.  A woman doesn't need to be influenced by her hormones to find you unpleasant and offensive.

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I'm all in favour of not biting your tongue. But there's a difference between not biting your tongue and not stopping to think before you speak.  If you'd stopped to think, maybe it would have occurred to you that it really wasn't appropriate to voice your negative criticisms of a website in a thread which was all about supporting and comforting friends at a difficult time.
Oh, and maybe it would have crossed your mind that just perhaps it was your own lack of common sense rather than poor site design...


Confidential to writer of following email:

"If [name of another local band] can get their twenty piece circus band together and involved in touring and making shit happen, i'm sure that we can too".

Yes, B, you're right. We could do that too. If YOU put effort into it. Ever. Why do other bands get to play festivals, and we don't? Why do other bands get labels and managers, and we don't? Why do other bands take tours more often than our once-every-three-years?

Be.Cause.They.Work.For.It. Not because they're more deserving. Not because they write better songs or have better singers. In fact, you're way more deserving in those regards.

But because they hustle. They promote themselves. They make phone calls. Not like you, you lazy asshole. You think you can just have the pretty voice and write the interesting songs and that's enough. No! We could have ALL of those things that other bands have - it's not the other band members holding you back, it's YOU! And E (the other leader)!

I have been trucking up there, a 2 hour drive round-trip, for FOUR POINT FIVE years now, hoping, hoping you get your shit together and make things happen with these great songs you write. But year after year, we have opportunities fall in our laps and let them fizzle out because we didn't respond in time, or we didn't respond with enough enthusiasm, or we acted distrustful when we shouldn't have (remember the couple of times we *almost* signed on with a company that would put our songs in commercials? And then balked at some minor point in the contract and never heard from the company again? Remember the time a couple of big labels expressed interest in us and we didn't pursue it beyond an email or two? Other bands would have stalked those execs outside of their homes until they came to a live show. Not us).

My point is - don't be telling the rest of us shmucks that we should try to make things happen. IT'S UP TO YOU. It's always been up to you. You and E always have your head in the clouds, but you SUCK at promotion and pursuing opportunities. That's why every other half-assed band in this city has made things happen for them, and we, we who are consistently lauded as one of the best, musically, never do.

So keep it to yourself, dillweed. Tell me when I need to show up and what part I need to work on, but don't you talk to me about how we need to make things happen because your friend's goofy band is making things happen. Just do it.

A whole bunch of bitching

because I'm feeling tetchy and bloated and yuck.

Dear guy-I-don't-know-from-Adam who friended me on Facebook - if you want people to friend you back, you'd have much better luck if you sent them a little note with, like, words in it, explaining why you'd like them to, rather than a cryptic three letter abbreviation for the game you want allies in, which incidentally I've pretty much given up playing. ( Not that I'd have added you, but I might have sent you a pleasant note back.)

Those funny little signs on the bus are there for a reason.  Look, there's one with a crossed out burger.  What could that mean?  No eating?   Never mind, I'm sure it doesn't mean those chips which you are stuffing into your children's faces.  No, the smell isn't making me feel in the least bit queasy on this hot, stuffy bus.  And then there's the one asking you not to put your feet on the seats.  How unreasonable!  Just because the soles of your shoes have been tracking across the dirt of the pavements, and because the next person to sit on the seat is going to get that dirt on their clothes...Don't you worry about that, just as long as you're nice and comfortable with your feet up.

I got your text.  I hadn't replied to it yet because a) I was busy and b) I was still trying to think what to say.  But I got it, and sending me a second text saying exactly the same thing was not going to get you a reply any sooner.  All it did was ensure that my reply was a lot less friendly than it would have been.

It would be a lot easier to play if I understood the rules.


Bigger isn't always better, except for chocolate bars.

If you send me a 3 MB attachment, I am not going to include it in my newsletter.  And if I don't have the time to extract the information or reduce the size of your document by one means or another, then guess what? The details of your meeting/job vacancy/research project/whatever are just not going to be sent out.

So - did you really need to keep the original size of that photograph?  Did you need to have your logo at that resolution? 

I think not.
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